Class of 2001

We will not follow where the path may lead, but we will go where there is no path and leave a trail.

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Alisa Attrill

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Chris Sharp

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Danielle Hay
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Beth Kovarna
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Elissa Erickson
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Erin Ludwig
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Erin Lukehart

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Jason Clark
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Jennifer Kroeger
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Josh Hanks
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Kassie Bietz
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Kathleen Eddy
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Kim Foss
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Kim Gleason
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Lisa Roe
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Lynn Hageman
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Mary Casper
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Matt Held
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Michael Oien
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Mikyla Hardersen
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Nathon Smith
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Nick Beaulieu
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Nick Nelson
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Rachel Hinrichsen
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Rashell Hageman
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Sarah Orwig
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Shannon Greene
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Sheena Getty
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Zach Lanning
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Alicia Ruttkay
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Brad Kounkel
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Amanda Ruttkay
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Josh Binneboese
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Katy Flannery
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Josh Hebert
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Matt Meylor
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Kayla Nelson
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Jon Ruden
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Abbey Smith
Not Pictured
Krista Courtright