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Thank-You! By Bruce Held
I just wanted to send out a word of thanks for allowing me to work at a place a truly love and call my second home – Hinton Community School. As I retire from all teaching and coaching duties on May 30, I just felt led to say ‘Thanks!” to a few people who have made my 40 years here enjoyable and fulfilling. I came to work every day because I wanted to; I never felt like I “had” to go to work, and that is a blessing. It makes 40 years go by very quickly!

First, I want to thank all my colleagues over the years. We have a great staff here, and have had for a long time. These teachers and administrators are dedicated professionals who all have a singular mindset – they love kids. You can be very lucky to send your kids to Hinton Community Schools – we try hard every day to give your kids what they need to succeed.

Secondly, I want to thank all the kids that have come through my classrooms or played for me in any of the sports I coached. We have had many success stories, but each time, whether in the classroom or in sport, it was YOU, the student-athlete, that made great things happen. Hard work, dedication, and loyalty are still the ways to succeed in any area of life, and I know that what you learned here at school has served you well in life.

Third, I would like to thank all the parents who trusted me to work with your sons and daughters. It truly is a team effort to raise kids, and I thank-you for all of your support.

Last, and certainly not least, I want to thank my family for all the sacrifices that have been made to allow me to spend so many hours at school over the years. We made school, whether it was our own kids going to school, or me working at school, a very high priority at our house. Education is SO important, and we made that very clear every day.

Thank-you, Hinton. My license plate on my truck says I bleed black and gold, and that will never change. Best wishes in the future, and GO BLACKHAWKS!
5th and 6th Grade Band News
The 5th and 6th Grade Band students are working hard through the end of the year to prepare for their concert Thursday, May 16th, 7 PM and for their recital the same afternoon at 1 PM.

The 6th Grade Band is doing a Jazz Unit study right now. They are each in a jazz band and are learning how to improvise and solo! We are learning about famous jazz players and listening to lots of great jazz! They are busy learning some new theory concepts and how to play in the swing style. We’re having lots of fun!
April PBIS Students of the month
Preschool-3: Bentley Pech, Jackson Hill, Evan Iversen,Karson Vondrak, Saber Borremans, Garrett Robinson, Emilia DeVos, Connor Gill, Josiah Vaught, Dom Sierra, Joey Gordon, Connor Kramer, Kimberly Hoefling, Caitlin Hagestrom, Wyatt Robinson, Natalie Freeman

4-6: Dawson Spies, Taylor DeRocher, Alex Lindberg, Adam Kennedy, Caden Koopmans, Karver DeGroot, Gregory Beals, Will Hagestrom, Wyatt Wendt, Ian Greigg, Haley Copenhaver, Logan Charlson, Memphis Huenke
4th Graders Joining Band!
For 4th graders planning to join Band next year, make sure to let Mrs. Garred know what instrument you are playing! If you need to rent an instrument, come at 6 PM the night of the concert (May 16th) to learn the details of Midbell Music’s rental program. If you have any other questions, send an email to
Eighth Grade Physical Science
The 8th graders are working on buoyancy right now and are designing boats out of aluminum foil. They will test them on their buoyancy and cargo load. We will be getting into the Periodic Table of Elements in the next week.

We have had some great labs dealing with sound and making electromagnets. They had to make an electromagnet to see who could hold the most paper clips. They also designed pulley systems to lift a model of an air conditioning unit to the top of a building(table).

It has been a super year so far in science and the last month should be full of more learning.
Nursing News
As we come to the end of this school year, thinking ahead is important.

*Incoming TK or K students, you have been given forms that need to be completed and returned to me.

*Incoming 3rd grade-you need to turn in the vision form that was given to you at conference time.

*Incoming 7th-you have 2 required vaccines that I have to have documentation on before the first day of school per Iowa law, or you cannot start.

*Incoming 12th –you have 1 required vaccine that I have to have documentation on before the first day of school per Iowa law, or you can cannot start.

*Any student in 7-12th grade, must have a current physical and concussion form on file with us to participate in sports, dance and cheer. If you need to check the status of your forms, please see Mrs. Stoulp. This includes practice time as well as game time.

Have a great and healthy summer.
Nurse Tina
Seventh Grade Life Science
The 7th grade class is just finishing up on dissection. We dissected a perch, frog, clam, crayfish, and worm this year. We found it fun to learn things and actually get to see the real parts as we dissect. They did a great job during the couple weeks.

We have had a great year in life science. The students really enjoy learning and have great knowledge in science.
Last week was one of the best weeks to be a Spanish teacher. In our Spanish 3 class, we have been studying vocabulary used at a restaurant and what better way to practice than to actually go to a restaurant? It’s one of the students’ favorite “assignments” of the year when we go to La Fiesta Charra in Sioux City.

We started the unit by learning a lot of food words and words that would appear on a menu like appetizer, dessert, etc. (Fun Fact: Menu in Spanish is menu.) Next, we learned the vocabulary for things in a restaurant like silverware, waiter, tip, etc. Lastly, we discuss the culture surrounding dining and food. The students particularly enjoy learning about the traditional siesta (nap) time after lunch and always ask to try it out.

Sometimes in Spanish class (and school in general I think), we learn a few odd words or discuss things that might not seem to be applicable to students’ real life, but this unit is one that I think the students recognize as very useful to real life. My hope is always that the students will actually take what I teach them and use it outside of the classroom. When we went to the Mexican restaurant together, they got to see how easy it was!