My fondest memories of learning Spanish came when I traveled abroad to Honduras. The people I met and the experiences I had there were unforgettable. I am so excited to be offering our high school students a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to a different country and immerse themselves in another language and culture.

The trip will be June 10, 2019 - June 17, 2019 and will include service opportunities at schools and plantations and sightseeing adventures like zip-lining, kayaking and visiting hot springs. The total cost is around $2,100. More details on fundraising will be coming soon.

If your son or daughter (10th-12th grade) is interested or if you’re interested in being a chaperone, please let me know. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask:


It seems that in the world we live in, something is always changing. The new and best seem to always be replaced with the newest and bestest. Recently I purchased a new smart T.V. Two hours later, after going through computer registration, tech support help, screen options, surround sound, and who knows whatever else we had to do, we finally got to sit down and watch the TV. Then that led to a spirited debate over how to run the new remotes and why we can’t have just one to run the TV and the satellite like we use to. (We can but our Satellite receiver is outdated; that is another story). In the end it’s a great TV and we finally got to sit down and enjoy it. This did get me to thinking about the days when you just sat down hit the remote (or turned it on by hand) and picked a channel. I just want to watch my favorite show. Are all of these bells and whistles going to increase my watching enjoyment? Is Gunsmoke better on this TV than the 36” Zenith floor model I grew up with as a kid?

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Preschool-3: Brecca Lake, Daphne Moser, Trenton Obbink, Aidan Beaulieu, Izzy Felts, Elizabeth Eisenbraun, Aria Hageman, Lily Kovarna, Katelyn Hodgson, Charlee Wingert, Addy Ortegren, Reagan Hensley, Brynlee Boeve, Jenna Hoefling, Elie Iversen, Marik Bock

4-6: Stacy Hoelscher, Ashley Chasteen, Calen Keegan, Kyle Meier, Kayla Sypersma, Gabby Fischer, Madison Sewell, Nick Lindley

Congratulations Blackhawks!!


The year has certainly flown by for the physics students! They have studied motion in both one and two dimensions. One thing they really have to work on is learning how to utilize all the equations that are possible, and whether or not they need to find more information before they can solve the problem. We spent a class period trying to calculate personal velocities based on different actions (walking, running, crab-walking backwards). The final activity for the unit involved a scavenger hunt around the school based on their homework answers, with food as the prize.

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The fourth grade TAG students have finished a unit on bubble-ology. They learned about important discoveries made through the research of bubbles. They also used skills such as observation, classification, and drawing conclusions while experimenting and learning about bubbles. Currently, the fourth grade students are completing a unit on puppeteering. The students are paired with a partner for this unit. They are writing their own scripts (which teach a moral/lesson) and creating their own puppets. The students will then perform before an audience. They will be enhancing skills in writing, designing, speaking, reading and performing.

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The Hinton Elementary Student Council has been busy this fall hosting and planning events. Earlier this fall, Hinton students in Preschool-6th grade collected non-perishable goods in their classrooms November 5th-9th. The food drive was a success and our students collected over 1,400 items! The items collected in the classrooms were given to local families in need. The remaining items were donated to the Christian Needs Center in Le Mars, IA.

The next Student Council event coming up is Holiday Helpers. During the week of December 3rd-7th, the 4th-6th grade classrooms will be collecting money to buy gifts and warm clothing for local families in need. We are hoping to collect enough money to help multiple families in our district this holiday season!

The Hinton Elementary Student Council would like to thank you for the support and donations that you provide throughout the school year!