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Facility Planning

Understanding that a school district is a direct reflection of the community it serves, the school board and leadership team of Hinton Community School District (HCSD) is committed to a facility planning strategy that reflects the priorities of the taxpayers and meets the needs of our students and communities.

To ensure future facility decisions make sense for students, are fiscally responsible, and have community support, our commitment to the voters of HCSD will include expanded communication with District residents:

  • Community Facilities Advisory Committee (in progress)

  • Community Listening Sessions

  • Staff Listening Sessions

  • Community Survey

The HCSD School Board will establish a master plan to address physical, functional, and educational needs based on stakeholder input, identified needs, and funding. We will continue to share this information on our website, district emails, and social media.

Community Facilities Advisory Committee work has begun!

During these meetings, this 28-person advisory committee will cover the following topics: demographics, current programming as it relates to facilities, facility tours, school finance, and more. We thank them for their commitment to our schools and assisting the school board with their input and insights regarding the future of HCSD facilities.

The Community Advisory Committee will presented their input and final report to the Hinton School Board on Monday, May 15, 2023.

NEWS: Hinton Community School District to Use SAVE Funds for Upcoming School Infrastructure Projects

The Hinton Community School District is pleased to announce that we will be using Secure and Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) funds to support a variety of school infrastructure projects.

SAVE funds, which are generated by a state penny sales tax, provide a stable and reliable source of funding for school infrastructure needs, such as building repairs and renovations. It's important to note that SAVE funds have no impact on local taxpayers.

"We are excited to take this first step in improving the learning environment of the Hinton Middle School/High School," said Superintendent Ken Slater. "The school board is investing approximately $6 million of sales tax revenue to substantially improve the HVAC system with controls and increased ventilation of the building. The project will also include updating some of the aged flooring, casework and ceilings replacement, lighting improvements, asbestos abatement where needed, and electrical distribution.”

The School Board will take action on this item at the Monday, May 15th board meeting.

Superintendent Slater continued, "We are grateful for the support provided by SAVE funds, which allow us to make important improvements to our school infrastructure without placing a burden on local taxpayers. While we recognize the community’s potential interest for a new high school, the costs associated with this project and our legal bonding capacity make this impossible. The SAVE projects will pave the way for other essential enhancements that can provide our young Blackhawks with a world-class learning environment that is future-ready."

The Hinton Community School District is committed to using SAVE funds responsibly and efficiently to support the needs of our students and community.