The results of the Iowa School Performance Profile have been released for the school year. Hinton School met all state benchmarks at all levels!

This is more evidence the Hinton Teachers, Staff and Administration are working very hard to provide a great education for the students at Hinton School. Congratulations to the Hinton School and Community!

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Thanks to donations from families and donors from DonorsChoose, Mr. Bertling’s homeroom recently received enough funds to purchase ten new computers for the 5th-6th-grade students. These computers will help to free up the mobile lab of 30 computers we use for grades 4th-6th. With technology becoming a huge part of our lives, our students need access to tools they will more than likely use in their careers and in their everyday lives. Thanks to your support, we are now able to offer more technology for our students to use. This gift will definitely provide our students with the tools they need to be productive and successful people in life. We have wonderful community and family support in our district and we are very excited and appreciative to share this generosity with our students. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


On the evening of Monday, December 17th, 2018 our school board selected Grieves & Richardson Consulting as the firm to assist with the search for Superintendent, as Mr. Stuerman will be retiring in June of 2019.

We are looking for parents and members from our community to be part of a focus group that will consist of 8-10 members. Focus group members will need to set aside the dates of January 8th, February 7th &11th in the late afternoon or early evening, as they need to be able to attend the meetings on all these dates or excuse themselves from the group because they need to be able to see all of the candidates interviewed. If you are interested in participating in one of the focus groups please contact Val Kovarna at 712-947-4329 or val.kovarna@hintonschool.com.

The community/parent focus group is one of various focus groups that will have the opportunity to assist the board with the selection process of our schools new superintendent.

Feel free to contact Val Kovarna with any questions you may have. We appreciate your interest and input in helping select our next Superintendent.


Preschool-3: Harper Probasco, Connor Douglas, Brody Cotter, Lilly Moore, Cheyenne Smith, Evie Hertenstein, Graham Jongling, Landon Ibanez, Ashlyn Musselman, Kaylie Mahaney, Emma Binneboese, Stella Reidiger, Kinley Keegan, Mayci Schlesser, Makenna Schlesser, Nick Vondrak

4-6: Roane Vaydich, Gretta Harper, Ellie Hertenstein, Peyton Beeck, Cole Friessen, Ayden Soroka, Tristan Groves, Addison Kovarna

Congratulations Blackhawks!!


Can you hear me? AEA will be here to conduct hearing screens on preschool-5th, 8th grade, and any new student to the district this year. January 29-31 is the date AEA will be doing this. If you have concerns for a student not in these grades, please let me know.


Due to necessity, early humans have always used clay. From storing food to making homes, ceramic art has always been purely utilitarian. However, as history would reveal, clay projects have quickly adapted into becoming both functional and decorative art. Even today we use ceramic mugs, bowls, and plates; and you’ve probably seen a few decorative pieces like *bronze statues or even beautiful, gigantic planting pots. Ceramic art is everywhere, so naturally the high school sculpture class has been working with this classic art form!

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Congratulations to…
Jaden Anderson, Baritone (12th) for being accepted into the Northwest Iowa District High School Honor Band. He will perform Saturday, January 5th, in Sioux City, IA.

Emily Bach, Trumpet (8th); Dylan Hartman, Alto Sax (8th); and Zach Sypersma, Baritone (8th) for being accepted into the Northwest Iowa Middle School District Honor Band. They performed Saturday, November 3rd, in Storm Lake, IA.

Jaden Anderson, Baritone (12th); Fletcher Farrer, Tenor Sax (12th); and Derek Anderson, Percussion (10th) for being accepted into the Augustana Honor Band. They performed Saturday, November 10th, in Sioux Falls, SD.

Ayden Soroka, French Horn; Avery Welte, Tuba; Addison Weitzel, Flute; Haley Copenhaver, Alto Sax; and Gabe Anderson, Bari Sax (all 6th Grade) for being accepted into the Strong Foundations Honor Band. They will perform Monday, January 7th, in Sioux City.

Jaden Anderson, Baritone (12th); Caleb Trierweiler, Trumpet (12th); Fletcher Farrer, Tenor Sax (12th) and Derek Anderson, Percussion (10th) for being accepted into the Iowa State University Honor band. They will perform Saturday, February 2nd in Ames.

Jaden Anderson, Baritone (12th); Olivia Bowman, Flute (10th); Caleb Trierweiler, Trumpet (12th) and Caleb Stanley, Tuba (10th) for being accepted into the University of Northern Iowa Honor Band. They will perform Saturday, February 9th in Cedar Falls.

A Night At The Castle
Please join the Hinton bands at our next concert as we travel back in time through castles and cathedrals ~ Thursday, February 28th at 7 PM in the Hinton Gym.

4th Graders!
Any current 4th graders interested in band next year may come to our “Instrument Petting Zoo”. Students will have a chance to play most of the instruments used in a regular concert band. Parents will be able to get information on renting instruments through Midbell. This “Petting Zoo” will be Monday, April 1st from 6-8 PM (come and go). Details of the evening will be mailed home.


One of my very favorite things at Christmas is reading the letters to Santa that are printed in my hometown newspaper. I love the funny questions, the misspelled words, and the hefty gift requests but mostly the innocence and excitement that is best witnessed through the eyes of a child. As I read through this year’s letters, I found myself wondering about my current high school students. While they may have lost some of that childlike innocence and excitement, (though that may be debatable speaking from a teacher’s perspective the week before Christmas break) I wanted to believe that they could still recapture those feeling when writing a letter to Santa. Mind you, this is not a typical activity in the high school English classroom, but I looked on this as more of an experiment. Given the opportunity, what would a high school student ask Santa for in a Christmas letter? A little to my surprise, there were no sighs and eye rolls when I explained the task; instead, they approached it eagerly with smiles on their faces. Don’t get me wrong, some of their requests were questionable at best and likely the cause of their smiling faces, but it was a welcome change from analyzing Shakespeare. Please take a few minutes and read the letters to Santa through the eyes of a high school student. Maybe it’s just a good reminder that you’re never too old to embrace the holiday spirit. In closing, we hope everyone in the Blackhawk community has a relaxing break filled with family, food, a few naps, and lots of reading. Merry Christmas from the 2018 AP English class!

Dear Santa,
I would like thou to gift me four extra percent for my AP English grade. I know you are busy this time of year, but this request is very important. I also need a jar of corn to eat.

Dear Santa,
I want mandatory nap times, homework to be abolished, and the school system to be reformed..but if you can’t pull all that off, I would like a new tenor saxophone that’s ruby colored. Also, fix my spine.

Dear Santa,
For Christmas can you make Ty able to live a little again. I’m starting to miss my punching bag. :) But for real, help him out a little please.

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is for Jesse and Fletcher to get awesome girlfriends and for me to get into the Raikes School. A new PC wouldn’t hurt either. ;)

Dear Santa,
I don’t really know what to ask for this year. I have pretty much everything I need. If you could send me some money to help me pay for my trip to Costa Rica, that would be wonderful. I would also enjoy it if you could help bring my AP grade back up after the test where I didn’t know that the poem was about a mirror. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you gifted me as a child. The unforgettable memories of opening your presents on Christmas morning are ones that I will cherish forever. :)
P.S. I know it’s a long shot, but a new car would be great.

Dear Santa,
It’s my last year in high school, and I didn’t think I would be this stressed. Why is college so expensive and why does everyone think that I have my life together at 18? So, all I want for Christmas is to keep my GPA up and to obtain scholarships so that I’m not suffocating in debt right out of college. Please send some snow days so I can actually get more than 6 hours of sleep. (By the way, my dog needs a new toy.)

Dear Santa,
Please help me raise my AP grade and finish my calc assignments.

Dear Santa,
How are you? I am good. This past year my life has been comparable to that of a brittle rubber band about to snap in half. So, I am asking of you (if that’s alright) to at the minimum, just keep me in your thoughts during this time. Snow days would be nice too. Or books. But at this point, all I need in my life is peace. Wishing you well during the holiday season!
P.S. My cats would like new toys.)

Dear Santa,
I’ve really tried my hardest in AP this year. Because of this good behavior, I would like to ask for my grade to not drop any lower than it already and, and that everyone has a great Christmas!
P.S. Please give us more snow days!