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September 22, 2023  

Hinton Community School Board Approves Referendum Resolutions for November 7, 2023, Election


HINTON, IOWA – The Hinton Community School District is excited to announce that the School Board has unanimously approved resolutions at their meeting on Monday night for a crucial referendum vote, scheduled to take place on November 7, 2023. This significant event marks a pivotal moment in the district's ongoing commitment to enhancing our educational facilities and ensuring a bright future for our students and community.

The referendum comprises four distinct questions, organized into two vital initiatives that address both immediate and long-term needs within our school district.

Initiative 1: Upgrading and Enhancing School Facilities

Question #1: Authorization for the School Board to issue $16,145,000 in general obligation bonds to fund several school improvement projects. These projects aim to update and enhance school facilities, encompassing both infrastructure and programmatic enhancements.

Question #2: Approval to increase the maximum debt levy amount to $4.05 (from $2.70) per $1,000 in taxable property value, which will facilitate the payment of the general obligation bonds.

Success for these critical projects relies on both Question #1 and #2 passing with a 60% approval rate.

Initiative 2: Sustaining Relevant School Infrastructure and Education Quality

Question #3: Seeks to increase the amount of the Voted PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy) levy to $1.34 (from $0.67) per $1,000 in taxable property value. This increase in the annual budget will support the ongoing maintenance of facilities, future projects outlined in the long-term facility master plan, and will help offset rising costs due to inflation.

Question #4: Pertains to the extension of the Voted PPEL levy authority for an additional ten years after 2025, as required by state regulations.

The Hinton Community School District recognizes the importance of maintaining high-quality educational facilities and ensuring our students receive the best possible education. These referendum questions are designed to secure the necessary resources to achieve these goals and preserve our school's status as a cornerstone of our community.

Superintendent Ken Slater expressed his optimism about the referendum, saying, "This referendum represents a significant opportunity for our community to invest in the future of our students, schools, and community. It will allow us to provide a safe, modern, and innovative learning environment that will benefit generations to come."

The Hinton Community School District extends its heartfelt thanks to the dedicated community members who served on the facility planning committee. Their tireless efforts and valuable insights have played an integral role in providing an informed and quality recommendation to the School Board regarding the facility needs of the district. “Their work was instrumental in shaping the referendum being brought forward by the School Board,” commented Slater.

The Hinton Community School District encourages all eligible voters within the district to educate themselves and participate in the November 7, 2023, referendum vote. Your involvement is essential in shaping the future of our schools and our community. Stay tuned for additional information about the referendum, and please contact Superintendent Ken Slater by email at ken.slater@hintonschool.com or by phone at (712) 947-4329 for more information.

About Hinton Community School District

Hinton Community School District, located in Hinton, Iowa, is dedicated to providing exceptional educational experiences for students while fostering a sense of community and pride. With a commitment to excellence, Hinton Schools strive to prepare students for a successful future by offering a comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. Hinton High School was recently included in US News and World Report’s Rankings of America’s Best Schools as a Silver Award Winner and ranked #46 of all high schools in Iowa.


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