Election Update

NEWS RELEASE – On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, voters in the Hinton Community School District considered a four-question special election focusing on two important initiatives. Following the vote, the unofficial election results are: 

  • Question 1 (GO Bond): 425 YES (51%) and 414 NO (49%)
  • Question 2 (Bond Levy Increase): 400 YES (48%) and 437 NO (52%)
  • Question 3 (VPPEL Levy Increase): 438 YES (53%) and 383 NO (47%)
  • Question 4 (VPPEL Extension): 408 YES (50%) and 408 NO (50%)

Superintendent Ken Slater expressed gratitude to the community for their support, particularly highlighting the passing of Question 3, the Voted PPEL levy increase. “This passing result will aid in ongoing maintenance of facilities, addressing high-priority projects as outlined in the long-term facility master plan, and assisting in coping with rising costs due to inflation. This decision is pivotal for the District's commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy educational environment for both staff and students.”

Slater continued, “I want to thank our community for their active participation during the facility planning process and the community engagement effort of the special election informational campaign. We believe these connections have strengthened the dialogue in our communities around facility planning and the continued success of Hinton schools.”

The District will continue to keep the community informed on the progress of current and future facility projects.