Weather Related Delays, Closures, and Dismissals.  

I wanted to give you a quick run through of the process of making weather related decisions for school delays, closure, or dismissal. This is a warranted concern based on where I live.  The below process is for the morning decisions but a similar process would take place for a dismissal. 

Eyes on the Conditions 

  • Frequent  monitoring of weather forecast and conditions. 
  • Up at 5:00am and checking in with team who have eyes on conditions and consider their input.
  • Gather area superintendent input on conditions and thoughts on decision


  • Make decision by 6:00am to assist families and before buses have to get prepped.
    • We may start with a 2 hour late start to buy some more time.


  • Send notifications through following media 
    • School notification system (SwiftK)
    • Remind
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • KTIV
    • KCAU
    • School website. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Go Blackhawks! 

Ken Slater


Hinton CSD