4th-6th Christmas Concert pics - I'm still have that fruit cake song playing in my head. Our talented young people lit up the stage and got everyone in the holiday spirit. #TisTheSeason
1 day ago, Ken Slater
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
4-6 Christmas Concert
Basketball at Trinity Christian 12-5-23 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq53YiOSX77rPj6O6QJk-Fg
4 days ago, Brian DeJong
We are hiring. The PK-3 building is seeking a translator. You can check the link out for more information. https://5il.co/2adua Join a great team at @hintonschool
4 days ago, Ken Slater
The halls of Hinton are looking festive thanks to a homeroom door decorating competition.
4 days ago, Melissa Wurth
Mr. Zyzda plays the Grinch on his door.
Mrs. Nelson's Whoville inspired door.
Ms. Brown's homeroom is counting down the days.
Mr. Small's group decided to create a giant nutcracker.
After their guest speaker last week, geometry students put what they learned to use by building their own bridges and testing which team had the strongest one.
4 days ago, Melissa Wurth
2nd period winners.
A very effective design.
5th hour winners
The junior high student council will sell hot chocolate at the HS concession stand for $2 on Tuesday (12/5) and Wednesday (12/6) from 7:30 AM-8:00 AM. Money raised will go towards their service project for this semester.
8 days ago, Lisa Cotter
Hot Cocoa flyer
Darwin Bishop, an engineer with the DOT, visited Mr. Crawford's geometry class to explain the importance of math in bridge building.
9 days ago, Melissa Wurth
Darwin Bishop visited Mr. Crawford's geometry class.
Blackhawk Bulletin: Episode 7 Check out the spotlight on our new girls wrestling team! https://tinyurl.com/45yxfd6u
10 days ago, Aly Jurgensmeier
Basketball at West Lyon 11-30-23. Tickets must be purchased in advance or at the door. No cash. https://tickets.gobound.com/tickets/events/h202307150324075928b904bf3ceea4b/checkout
10 days ago, Brian DeJong
Tuesday Wrestling at SC West tickets can be purchased in advance at this link or at the door. No cash. https://www.gobound.com/ia/schools/scwest/tickets
13 days ago, Brian DeJong
Mr. Small's homeroom enjoyed a not-so-traditional Thanksgiving dinner today. #Thankful
13 days ago, Melissa Wurth
Mr. Small's Homeroom
Junior High students enjoyed touring the Le Mars Historical Museum and visiting with Mayor Rob Bixenman. This learning experience helped the students grow in their understanding of local government.
18 days ago, Lisa Cotter
Mayor Rob Bixenman speaking with the JH students
Mayor Rob Bixenman speaking with JH students
JH students experiencing an old schoolhouse room at the Historical Museum
Tickets for Basketball at North tonight. You can buy them at the door as well.https://tickets.gobound.com/tickets/events/h2023100202450800173b54adcf1ca4c/checkout
18 days ago, Brian DeJong
18 days ago, Julie Clausen
Blackhawk Bulletin: Episode 6 Fun to see what the students are most thankful for! https://tinyurl.com/2ws73mwm
24 days ago, Aly Jurgensmeier
Kindness is the word of the month in grades 4-6. This coincidence with World Kindness Day on Nov. 13. 4th grade celebrated by nominating their peers for kindness awards. These 4 students are putting the "I" in Kind because they were nominated most by their peers. Keep it up Blackhawks!
24 days ago, Melissa Wurth
4th Grade Students
Hands-On Learning in Action! This morning, our 7th and 8th grade TAG students learned the fascinating process of making butter. They combined cream and a little bit of elbow grease, observing the transformation from liquid to butter. 🧈🥐
25 days ago, Aly Jurgensmeier
Thank you to Emergency Management Coordinator Rebecca Soknat for helping us with a grant for four AEDs. These four and two others will ensure we have accessible AEDs. Included in the picture are Ben Hertenstein, Rebecca Soknat, Courtney Casey, and Sue Popken
25 days ago, Ken Slater
Thank you for your donations! The Elementary Student Council members filled the empty shelves at the food pantry this morning.
26 days ago, Danica Held
Food Drive Volunteers
Food Drive Volunteers
Food Drive Volunteers
Food Drive Volunteers